Consult And Design

P.A.S. Consult and Design Inc. is a full-service firm based in Ottawa Canada that can help you to open and development your restaurant or any commercial kitchen and food service business as smoothly as possible.
. We have grown over the past twenty years to help our clients to handle issues including:

– Survey about find and selection of best location

-Menu producing

– Equipment layout Design in one, two or more alternatives

– Consult for choice of machines and equipment due to winner plan

– Order for machinery and equipment

– Supervision for installation and maintenance of equipment

Through years of on-the-job experience at all levels, we have become specialists in solving our clients’ most difficult problems. Through diversity and expertise, we provide our clients with a clear perspective of their operations, enabling them to avoid the stumbling blocks that prevent success. Our focus is to be your advocate and assist you with the roadblocks and challenges that can arise.

Restaurant startup and development

Restaurant Consultants works with you, one step at a time, to see that your development needs are met. Our experts will guide you in crafting and implementing a successful restaurant concept. Whether you are re-branding or starting from scratch, P.A.S. Consult and Design Inc. will provide support

with product development, menu engineering and concept design. Our seasoned professionals provide you with feasibility studies to project desired results and business plan development to establish clear tactics and projections for your project. There is no element more important than location when embarking on a new project. We can furnish solid site analysis and support with licensing, demographics, zoning and cost evaluation among many other essential details. You will receive sound recommendations in response to all your needs – saving you valuable time and unnecessary problems.

Restaurant startup and development

Keeping the heart of your concept in mind, we support you in bringing your concept to life with a practical approach refined over years of experience designing hundreds of types of restaurants. We can furnish all plans including architectural, food service, plumbing, electrical, mechanical for use for permitting and getting your county or city approval.

Restaurant Concept Development

A challenging and exciting step in food service development is the phase of restaurant concept development. It is a forward-looking process for developing and evaluating new ideas before committing extensive resources. If you are planning a new or first restaurant venture or need to rebrand existing restaurant operations, restaurant concept development gives broad and sometimes ill-defined ideas a chance to be examined by groups of experts in a logical process.

Feasibility Study

The feasibility study is the analysis of the program objective to determine if it can be solved effectively. The goal of a feasibility study is to identify the options available and rate the likelihood of each option to achieve the desired value.

Business Plan Development and Creation

Developing and getting your restaurant concept laid out in a formal report is usually a necessary component to ensuring project financing, and engaging vendors and future employees. Restaurant business plans often include an executive summary, description and environment analysis, stakeholders’ backgrounds, market analysis, operations and marketing plans, and financial plans.

Real Estate Evaluation

Is this a good location to build your restaurant? Potential restaurant locations need to address more than an appropriate square footage. Issues for consideration include area demographics, licensing and zoning, and parking availability among many others. Give us a touch at to learn more about real estate evaluation for your restaurant project.

Cost Analysis

This analysis will cover the projected costs pre-opening, total budget and program cost to starting your own restaurant business.

When Should You Consider Using a Restaurant Consulting Firm?

These engagements typically begin when restaurateurs realize they have obstacles to overcome that they can’t tackle on their own or when they want to implement major changes to the business.

Here are some cases in which you might consider hiring a consultant for your restaurant:

You Want to Open a Restaurant

While we started with a focus on restaurants looking to expand, it’s totally valid to seek professional assistance before you open your restaurant.

If you have enough cash, you may want to hire industry experts from the outset to set your business up for success – rather than changes when you’re already established. Working with experienced restaurant consultants can help your restaurant get well past that first-year hurdle.

You Want to Expand the Restaurant with New Locations

Growing your business by adding more locations is a major decision that requires a lot of money. A consulting firm can research where your concept would work best so that you can optimize new locations.

Perhaps your restaurant is doing well on the East Coast and you want to expand to the West. Consultants could test audiences and find that Midwest customers would be more receptive to the concept than West Coasters. Think of how much money you could save by learning this before setting up shop!

You Want to Completely Change Concepts

Whether you’re rebranding your restaurant or taking over from previous management and want to give the company a facelift, it can be challenging to change concepts. In fact, we think it might be even more challenging to pivot an existing restaurant than it is to open a brand new one. A restaurant consultant can test your current concept against new concept ideas to help you make a decision that will set you up for the most success.

You Want to Extend the Brand

Hiring a restaurant consulting firm is a smart decision when you want to expand your offerings beyond foodservice and begin offering products or services.

Let’s say that your paleo restaurant is a big hit in Los Angeles and you want to expand the business by offering meal delivery kits and personal chef services in southern California. Consultants can look at the competition for you, explore viability, and provide a strategy that will help your business grow carefully.

You Want to Maximize Efficiency at Your Restaurant

Consulting firms can do a variety of projects to help your restaurant optimize efficiency and profits. Perhaps your profit margins aren’t as high as those of other restaurants in your area. You can hire a firm to audit your operations to see where you’re losing money. They can advise you on where to cut costs or what you should charge more for!

Your Restaurant is Experiencing High Staff Turnover

The restaurant industry has a big problem with retaining staff. A consultancy can help you figure out why the talent you hire isn’t staying for the long haul and even help you hire the right talent. Many restaurant consulting firms even offer hiring and training services.